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CBD with Chamomile - 20ml

CBD with Chamomile - 20ml

Full-spectrum, organic CBD blended into hempseed oil and blended with Chamomile for extra anxiety relief. 


Known as an aid in pet's for; 


* Behavioural issues like anxiety

* Pain related disorders

* Reduction of seizures and seizure-based disorders in pets

* Aid in cancer treatments

* Great overall supplement for joint health (high omega's in the hempseed oil is linked to joint and cartilage regeneration and support.) 

* Restlessness and sleeplessness 


Our CBD is organic, and our Chamomile is sourced locally. This means that there are no pesticides, herbicides or other toxins used on the plant and through production - limiting the contaminants that your pet may ingest. 


Our CBD and Chamomile blend is also dog safe (human too!) and is easy to administer with the dropper application.