Kibble enrichment

Kibble enrichment

Learning how to improve your pet's meal time - every time! 


Feeding commercial diets is easy, convenient and well-publicised - but how can we make it BETTER? 


In this course, we discuss the science behind kibble and they way to make it better - by adding healthy and beneficial foods, supplements and minerals back into the bowl. 


Topics discussed: 


* Proteins - a broad discussion

* Safe vegetables and fruits (for added phytonutrients) 

* Supplement guide 

* Balancing out your kibble 

* General food queries 


There is a FAQ and discussion session afterwards.


** Please note that this does not work for pets suffering with allergies, IBD (or general gut dysbiosis) and any other food related health issues and sensitivities. Please book a private consultation after consulting with your veterinarian / holistic veterinarian to rule out any other chronic illnesses first.