LittleAngels Beef&Chicken Combo 1kg

LittleAngels Beef&Chicken Combo 1kg

Combination of chicken and beef protein. 

15% Beef protein

85% Chicken protein



Chicken gizzards, Chicken hearts, Ground chicken necks, Chicken liver, Beef muscle meat, Bone meal, Eggs, Water, Fish oil, Vitamin E


Benefits of raw feeding;


~ Aids with healthier coat and skin 

~ Aids with better dental health 

~ Aids with a healthier, happier gut 

~ A more biologic pH level for the digestive system and food processing

~ Aids with less allergic responses to ingredients like protein meals and filler grains


(May contain a mix of Beef/Lamb/Duck/Ostrich. May contain eggs and or fish.)


Collection only or delivery available at additional charge.

Allow 14 days for factory to deliver.

    1 Kilogram