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Effect of kibble and raw meat diets on peripheral blood mononuclear cell gene expression profile in dogs

R C Anderson 1, K M Armstrong 2, W Young 1, P Maclean 3, D G Thomas 4, E N Bermingham 5

06 Apr 2018

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Peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC) gene expression microarray profiling is a minimally invasive tool used in human diet intervention studies. In this study, PBMC gene expression was determined in dogs fed kibble or raw red meat diets for 9 weeks to test the hypothesis that diet influences canine immune cell gene expression profiles. The two diets were associated with differences in PBMC gene expression profiles, which corresponded with changes in plasma IgA concentrations. Analysis of PBMC gene expression profiles might provide useful insights into the long term effects of diet on health outcomes in dogs.

Keywords: Biomarkers; Canine; Diet; Immune status; Microarray gene expression analysis.

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