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Cats Best Oko Plus ECO Litter

Cats Best Oko Plus ECO Litter

The Cat's Best Oko Plus ECO Clumping Cat Litter is 100% biodegradable and the most absorbent clumping litter on the market, with the phenomenal feature that waste clumps can be disposed of in the household toilet!


It neutralizes odours so effectively, that the cat litter can remain in the litter tray for up to seven weeks


Cat’s Best Original is made exclusively of renewable raw materials, which means it is both sustainable and biodegradable.


Made from PEFC-certified secondary raw wood materials - no trees are felled to make Cat’s Best!


  • With Cat’s Best, what’s best for your cat is also what’s best for the environment:
    • 100% natural - completely based on plant material with no chemical additives
    • 100% biodegradable, compostable & sustainable - can be easily disposed of in the organic waste bin, in compost or in the toilet
    • Made with active wood fibres allowing it to trap and absorb odours permanently and naturally
    • Non-sticking and specially shaped to prevent scattering & tracking outside the tray
    • Soft clumping mini pellets
    • Lasts up to 7 weeks before a full change of litter is due
    • Can also be used as ground cover for reptiles and rodents.
    • For short and medium hair cats as well as small dogs, suitable for all ages.
    • Certified to dispose soiled litter in the toilet, or throw the clumps into the compost. - Place a square of Astro Turf (fake grass) under the litter tray, sticking out 50cm, to reduce tracking.


Very economical: an average of 21 kg of conventional cat litter is consumed per cat per month, but with Cat’s Best the figure is only about 2.1 kg. This is the quantity that needs to be bought, put into the tray, and ultimately disposed of.

    PriceFrom R159,50
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