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Our company has been split into three main fields of work and practise - and those are Product Development and Consulting, Consulting in Nutrition and Holistic Aids for pets and vet practices and Pet Product & Retail.

Our award-winning team is small, but client-focused, and work hard to meet all the deadlines and requirements that you and your company may have. 

Our team has a deep-rooted desire to ensure safe, healthy and functional products make their way to the pet retail sector and pride ourselves in aligning with companies and brands that believe the same. 

We take absolute pride in everything we do - and because we love changing lives and bringing joy, we give back a portion of profits to animal welfare each quarter. 

We got our start as a small pet-care company in 2016 - where we put the lives of our clients and their floofs, first. 

Since then, we have grown into a full service, pet-focused company that caters to both pet-parents and pet-focused companies.


As our team expanded and new skillsets were achieved, we moved into more pet-focused services.

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Our founder's passion came from her desire to work in the veterinary industry, but after completing a posting at a leading veterinary practise in Cape Town, she quickly realised her passion was not standard veterinary care, but the areas that are not thoroughly studied in veterinary medicine. 

This brought her to studying and focusing on Animal Science and Dietetics, Formulations, Animal Behaviour and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Our team is small and efficient, but we are forward-thinkers and constantly striving to create exciting products for our clients.

Our team actively consults and works with companies and brands, pet-parents, and vet groups. 

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