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Pets Elite Beef Twister - Small

Pets Elite Beef Twister - Small

The Pets Elite Beef Biltong Twist Dog Treat is a hard, long lasting beef biltong twisted into a plait.


Key benefits:

  • Ideal for hours of chewing pleasure
  • Produced locally using only the best quality ingredients
  • Contains no artificial flavourants or colourants.
  • High in protein
  • Good for dental health


Raw treats simply air-dried are the most biologically appropriate treats. Moisture increases the risk of mould and the secret is in dehydrating the treat which also prevents the use of artificial preservatives. This means the treat remains natural with a long shelf-life if stored away from external moisture and bugs.


Dog treats are vital because chewing is hugely beneficial to the pooches dental health and also exercises the muscles from jaw to tail.

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