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Training & 

Nothing beats having a thoroughly educated and informed team when it comes to all things pet foods, formulations and preparation - but some things are not so easily accessed. 

This is where we come in!

Our team of qualified staff ensure that this information is easily taught and shared with you.

What to expect

We know just how important it is to understand the processes of digestion for companion animals - especially if you are a pet brand that produces foods, treats and toppers. 

Our training courses and seminars are tailored to exactly what your company and team need - within the ranges of topics like canine and feline digestion, food energetics, preparation tips and preferred methods, understanding food groups and so much more! 

Each training course or seminar is taught at your work place (Cape Town) or via Zoom. The materials taught are provided as printed booklets and a certificate of completion is provided too. The contents of these sessions are based off of your company and teams needs, so that we ensure that you and your team are getting the maximum amount of knowledge each time. If this is something you feel your team needs, please pop us an email. Costs vary based on the scope, timing and amount of staff needing to attend. 

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