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Our Fresh Food Case Study

The aim of this independent study is to focus on how healthy fresh food truly impacts the pet's internal and external processes - along with the correct natural support aids. This study will run from end March 2023 to March 2024.

These are our five amazing entrants - Bailey, Demon, Max, Gus and Reno (Renoster). 

You can follow their journey here, or on @clawsnpawswellness on Instagram.

Thanks to Happy Hounds ZA (@HappyHoundsZA) for the sponsorship of the entrants first trial pack, and a discount on their order. 

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Bailey has Idiopathic Epilepsy and has had skin sensitivities in the past.


"Bailey is VERY fun and playful, always keen for an adventure. He's definitely a big attention seeker and sloppy kisser. He can also show you a very dramatic side whenever we have to leave him alone at home for a bit, with a sigh for pity. He loves a good snuffle and exploration on a daily walk and an overall baby underneath the fluffy fur."



Demon has Flycatcher Syndrome and food sensitivities.


"Demon is a loyal and loving boy who enjoys chewing! He loves to play with his motor bike tyre in the backyard and play fighting with his sister.

He has so much love to give and is always around his Mom and Dad protecting them and asking for cuddles."

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Max has Allergies, Sensitivities and Gut issues. Max is also overweight.

"Max is very loyal and protective of us. He is also a big baby. He loves to suck his blankies and sit on your lap like he is a small puppy. He loves to chase and play with his cat brother, Oliver, and he loves his toys."



Gus has chronic Gut issues and Sensitivities. 

"Gus is the friendliest boy who wants to play with every dog he meets if they will let him. He also loves people, wants to be in their presence but hates a cuddle. He allows a forced cuddle from mom and dad when he’s super tired 😅 otherwise he just rests his head on you when he wants to show some love. Just the sweetest boy with the friendliest nature always looking to play 💙"

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Reno (Renoster)

Renoster has Intolerances and Gut health issues.

"Reno loves animals, people and kids. He can seem intimidating, but his heart is bigger than his bark. 

In his spare time, catch him snuggled up on a couch, joining horses on their beach outrides (uninvited), or playing with his brothers a pointer, mini schnauzer and cat. 

His  current obsession is chasing shadows, and dragon flies since we've retired him from defluffing soft toys."

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