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Our different options available for consultation bookings.

More information and packages can be found under our Plans & Pricing.

Nutrition Consultation

Our qualified, award-winning animal nutritionist offers a variety of nutrition consultations for your pet. From reworking and evaluating your current diet, coping with allergies and gut issues to supporting and working with chronic illness through food.

Diets we most commonly work with;

* Kibble diets / Hybrid diets

* Cooked food diets 

* Raw food / DIY raw recipes 


This service varies in cost based on what the pet requires and starts at R1499 and goes up to R3899 per pet, depending on the type of consultation and requirements of the diets, plans and support.  

Cost includes the consultation, customised plans, costings, analysis and up to six weeks email/WhatsApp support after the diet plan has been sent.


Booking fee is billed via online shop, and balance is invoiced upon email confirmation.


To book your session, please head to our Plans & Pricing section to view all the options. 


Nutritionist with italian greyhound

Dual Focus Consultation

We also offer the combined consultation option for pets with chronic illness and ailments (that have been persistent for 6+ months) where we use both food and natural alternatives to manage, reduce or stabilise diseases and illnesses. 


These can be conditions like: 

- Allergies, sensitivities and/or intolerances

- IBD or Leaky Gut Syndrome

- Arthritis / other pain conditions

- Kidney and Liver diseases 

- Urinary conditions and UTI conditions 

- Neurological conditions like Epilepsy 

If your pet has ongoing medical conditions that you are struggling to maintain or that are not improving despite standard food and medical treatment, and you are eager to try alternative routes, please send us an email on to chat about the options for your pet(s) OR go over to our Plans & Pricing section to view our set lists of plans that may suit your pet(s). 

For pets who need assistance with their medical ailments through diet, it will be asked to submit the latest clinical records from your vet, blood test results and imaging (if applicable) for review before the consultation to ensure that the maximum knowledge is received prior to session.


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