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Some of our patients 

Here we share some of our incredible pets and their parents that we have consulted with, are working with and have worked with through Nutrition and Holistic intervention. These pets are either recovered and on maintenance or have recently started their journey towards being happy, healthy and thriving. 

Their humans have allowed us to share their stories and journeys for educative purposes. 

Mizuki photo.jpeg


Kidney / UTI Support

Handsome Mizuki has been having a
bit of a tough time with UTI's and elevated levels
marking his kidney and liver health.

Maya photo.jpg


Puppy wellness and growth

Sweet little Maya and her humom
have sought out our help with cooked and raw recipes
to ensure this gorgeous girl grows as she should, and
has the very best nutrition to ensure longevity and
optimal health.

Aasha photo.jpeg


Allergies / Gut Health

Beautiful Aasha and her mom have
come to us for help with her struggles with IBS, bouts
of gastro and gassiness, and her nonexistent desire for
her food despite being on allergy-sensitive dry food. We are focusing on gut health and fresh feeding.

Levi Reichel photo.JPG


Hemangiosarcoma / Age

Levi is a sweet senior girl that recently received the diagnosis of Hemangiosarcoma (cancer) - so her mom reached out to us to formulate a custom fresh food and a holistic plan to support Levi and give her the best boost possible. She is thriving!

Chicken Vella - image.jpg


Liver and Kidney Support Diet

Chicken, the Yorkshire Terrier, was
referred to us last year for liver and kidney issues, and
had severe abdominal bloating due to these - which
made her really uncomfortable and unhappy.



Digestion issues / Gut

We will be working on repairing his gut health and
introducing a fresher diet to ensure he is healthy and
happy (inside and outside) so that he is able to live his
best life with his family.

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-27 at 21.52.50.jpeg


Geriatric care / Pain 

Sammy came to us in October 2022 for help with geriatric care and pain conditions. We updated her diet and implemented some holistic aids and medicines to start reducing her chemical drugs that were not working. Sammy is stable today.

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