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ProbiVet Probiotic Sachets

ProbiVet Probiotic Sachets

Convenient powder sachets to help your dog or cat that needs a little extra help to restore or maintain a healthy intestinal system. 


ProbiVet powder with prebiotics, probiotics and beta-glucans helps dogs and cats in building and maintaining a healthy colony of bacteria and other microorganisms to support the gut and aid digestion. 


We are strong advocates for gut health, with our belief that a Healthy Gut = Healthy Body. 


  • Suitable for dogs & cats that suffer from Irritable Bowel Disease and other intestinal inflammatory issues
  • Helps to prevent tummy upsets when your pet is taking a course of antibiotics 
  • Restore the balance of healthy bacteria and other microorganisms in the intestinal tract
  • Aids in overall health and immunity 


Instructions for Use


  • Simply add the recommended amount of ProbiVet powder into your pet’s food or water for 1 – 15 days, or until gut restoration is achieved
  • Do not exceed the recommended amounts
  • Use only under the advice and guidance of your Vet 




5g sachet

Box of 20 x 5g sachets

    PriceFrom R28,00
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